Donna Velcic / Potter/Sculptor

I was born and raised in the Yukon Territory although I have also lived in the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.  After living in Alberta in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, I moved to Ontario and returned about 16 years ago.  I am the past-president of the Waterloo Potter’s Guild and past member or the Francis Gage Sculpture Group in Guelph, Ontario.

I enjoy making functional pottery with porcelain stoneware which increasingly has Northern tones.  I develop my own glazes and enjoy solving problems and stretching the boundaries of clay and innovation.

I also design and build non-functional indoor/outdoor terracotta clay creations including dragons, fairies and replicated medieval gargoyle reliefs.  Recently I have developed a new line of fantasy rune pots in the ancient glyphs of Vulcan as well as the Tengwar (Elvish) dialect.



Ashley Diamond / Business Partner

Ashley (my daughter) has been with Diamond Clay Studios since she was twelve.  She is my right hand; the only person I trust to tell me honestly what people are interested in and where I may have gone off the rails. She is at almost every sale because she absolutely loves being with people.  This allows me to concentrate completely on making pottery, what new products to make and to stick with the ones we already have. She knows every aspect of the Comic Expo culture and what every day moms could use in their life and prods me to do more, do better.  I do confess though, that we love our time before each sale day – where we can shop!